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In control engineering, Brodarski institut applies its automation expertise in marine technologies, transport, energy production and everywhere when an intelligent part of a system is needed. Our market most successful Research and Development based projects are systems for electric propulsion on fast ships, systems for control and supervision of power plants, tunnel safety control systems, ship control and monitoring systems and modular wave maker systems. Our experts also perform underwater surveys by remotely controlled underwater vehicles.

Using the gained knowledge and expertise in control of submarines and warships, in peacetime conditions Brodarski institut experts proceeded with the development of a fault tolerant turbine governing system for hydroelectric power unit. This paved the way for the first large transfer of military technology to the area of energy production. Developed turbine governing system is capable to adapt to an arisen fault, which means that there is no stopping of production or damage as a consequence of unregulated control of the system after the fault occurrence. The implementation of the fault tolerant turbine governing system has contributed to the increase of availability of hydroelectric power units and to the increase of stability of the electric power system as a whole. Brodarski institut has been active for twenty years already in the field of power industry, and so far it has delivered about twenty different turbine governing systems for a dozen hydropower plants. The most challenging and the most significant has been the turbine governing system for a reversible hydropower plant named Velebit which is now one of the most modern hydropower plants in the Republic of Croatia.

In accordance with its orientation towards the development of new technologies, Brodarski institut has designed tunnel ventilation and fire protection systems for the tunnels that have been built during the past ten years in the Republic of Croatia as a part of the motorway network construction.

The computer program for the active control of the longitudinal velocity of air and smoke in road tunnels is a component part of the new operational strategy for the control of longitudinal ventilation system in conditions of fire incident, which among other things implies the automatic control of longitudinal velocity of air and smoke in all phases of a fire incident.

Reliable and efficient smoke control within a tunnel tube is of crucial importance for successful evacuation of passengers and for the safety of fire fighting teams. Applying the computer program developed by Brodarski institut, in the critical moments of a fire accident, it is possible to control the direction and velocity of smoke propagation, creating in this way the most favourable conditions for the evacuation of passengers in the initial phase of fire, and for the intervention of fire fighting and rescue teams. Also, with the activation of this computer program, the operators in the traffic control centre are relieved of the need to perform manual control of the complex ventilation system in the already stressful conditions of a tunnel fire incident. In 2007 the Brinje Tunnel, the project in which the Brodarski institut experts also participated, was ranked as the top tunnel for the year 2007 among 51 European tunnels that were tested during that year within the European tunnel safety assessment program (EuroTAP).

In control systems, Brodarski institut provides the following services:
• Control of electromechanical systems
• Control of electrohydraulic systems
• Embedded Systems Design
• Firmware Design (Assembly and C Language)
• Process control
• Controller design
• Sensor networks
• Measurements
• Hardware-in-the-loop testing
• Electronic Instrumentation
• Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
• Programmable automation controllers (PACs)
• Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).