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In the field of offshore, Brodarski institut provides research, development and feasibility studies, calculations and supporting documentation, preliminary design of platforms, main design of platforms, detailed design, as well as technical supervision during construction and equipping.

According to its orientation to sustainable development, Brodarski Institut focuses on Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) and Energy Efficiency Operational Index (EEOI) with respect to maritime emissions issue under the transport climate change policy (carbon related taxation jet to be agreed at IMO level). It participated in the first of two EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency) “Workshops on the GHG emissions from ships” held in Lisbon in February 2009.

Thanks to its unique labs it boosted its research in this sense and it is one of the leaders in the region in vessel design and development contributing to sustainable maritime and inland water transport. It pushes numerical modelling, ship model and propellers testing, alternative drives in order to achieve best energy efficiency and to decrease GHG emissions.


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As an institution in the ownership of the ex-Yugoslav Navy, since its establishment in 1948 until the year 1991, Brodarski institut was one of the world leading institutions for design and development of underwater and surface vessels. The Institute had designed and developed frigates, missile corvettes, landing crafts and patrol boats. For the needs of the Croatian Navy the institut has also designed and developed missile corvettes, a midget submarine, and a new mine countermeasures vessel.

Brodarski institut has also designed and developed submarines of several classes. These are the vessels that represent technological top in naval shipbuilding. Croatia is thus ranked among the few countries in the world that have own technology for development and building of submarines, warships and mine countermeasure vessels.

In the field of civil shipbuilding, Brodarski institut designs fishing vessels, search and rescue patrol crafts, oil spill recovery crafts, training - researching ships, motor river ferries, fast passenger ferries and catamarans and yachts and sports and recreational vessels.