(20.12.2014) Work at Golubić completed

In December 2014 the project “Replacement of the control, signalling, protection, measurement and regulation system and uninterruptable power supplies“ was completed at the hydro power plant  Golubić near Knin.

Within the project, old and decrepit equipment was replaced with new modern solutions at three locations: in the power house, at the dam and at the penstock intake valve chamber.

At the dam, new driving equipment of the dam spillway gates and bottom outlet sliding gate was installed, including new control cubicles, new hydraulic power unit with corresponding hydraulic installation, new hydraulic driving cylinders for both spillways and for the bottom outlet and the electric drive with valve for the biologic minimum valve. A new reservoir level measurement system was also installed, as well as water level measurement before and after the trash rack of the headrace channel (signalization of the trash rack clogging).

At the penstock valve chamber, new equipment was installed, including control cubicle of the sliding gate, hydraulic power unit, hydraulic installation and cylinder. Water level measurement system before and after the trash rack was installed (signalization of the trash rack clogging).

Inside the power house, new systems were installed for power unit control, turbine governing (control cubicle with hydraulic power unit and installation) for units A and B, as well as the process station for shared devices of the power plant.

The customer is HEP Proizvodnja d.o.o.