Croatia Statehood Day Celebration

30. June 2013.
The celebration of the Croatia Statehood Day and Croatia’s accession to the European Union was held last night aboard the passenger catamaran Millennium Diamond that was designed and delivered by Brodarski Institute to the British company City Cruises. The celebration was held onboard the Millennium Diamond through the courtesy of the owner of the vessel – the company City Cruises and was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in London. The celebration was attended by some two hundred guests from the diplomatic corps, representatives of the British national authorities, municipal authorities of the city of London, business people, media representatives and Croatian citizens. The celebration was enhanced by the evening cruise on the River Thames, a music programme and speeches of the Croatian Ambassador to the UK Prof. Ivan Grdešić PhD and guests. The celebration held on the ship designed and built in Croatia, sailing down the Thames, symbolically demonstrated the possibilities of the Croatian economy, technological development, industrial design and a high level of innovativeness. In this way the Republic of Croatia was presented as a new EU member state!